Have some questions about how to use Shout Around? Here's all the answers!


What are the main sections?

Check-In, Discovery, and Shouts are the three main sections.

How much is Shout Around?

The Shout Around app is completely free and it's available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Will I able to use this app outside of convention events?

Of course! You can use this app at any time. Whether it is to discover new friends in your area or creating a Shout to set up boardgame night, you can do it all in this app whenever & wherever.

How can I contact Shout Around?

You can always email us at Contact@ShoutAround.net!

How can I see my experience points?

You can see your experience points by going to the Settings Page and click on Edit Profile

How can I earn experience points?

You can earn experience points and badges by checking into conventions, and you can view your experience points & level by going to Settings>Edit Profile.

(Only your level is display publicly, nobody can see your experience points except yourself)

How can I start a new private message with someone?

If you click on a friend from your Friends List (Settings>Friends), you should able to see a message button on the upper right-handed corner.

How can I earn more Shout Around coins?

There are three ways to get Shout Around Coins: Connect or Skip another new user in the Discovery Section will earn you 1 coin each.
Each daily check-in at an event would earn you Shout Around Coins as well, and every event will grant you a different amount of coins.
Purchase them directly from the Coin Store, you can access the Coin Store directly from the Setting Page

How many conventions/events are in Shout Around database?

Currently, we have over 10,000 conventions/events in our database, and we are looking forward to expanding more in the near future.

How can I find my friends?

You can use the User Search function (located in the upper right hand corner on the Discovery Section) or the Connect With Facebook Friends function on the Settings Section.


Will people find out my location?

Nope, your privacy is our number one priority. Your profile will only appear if you are nearby and have "Discoverable" turned on, but Shout Around will not display your exact location.

I am under 18 years old, can I still use the app?

Yes, you can still use the app and enjoy all the functions, but you will not be discoverable by others in the Discover Section.
You can still add friends by exchanging QR codes.

Would people find out my personal Facebook account?

Nope. Don't worry, Shout Around does not share or display your Facebook account with other users.

Do I need Facebook to login?

Currently, we chose only to allow Facebook login to help minimize catfishing behaviors. ​We also want to foster the building of genuine friendship with real people, so we believe using our real names is the best first step establish a trusting relationship. (You can always edit your bio to include any other alias that your friends are familiar.)

Who would able to send me messages?

You're in total control of who can message you! Only connected friends and people you follow will able to message you, and you can disconnect or mute them at any time.

Would people know where I sent my Shout?

Nope, only you can see your own Shout detail history, so meaning only you can see where you broadcast a Shout and how many people received it.


Can I switch my role at any time?

Yes! You can switch your role between a convention attendee, a creator, or a photographer at any time. Simply, click the three dots on the upper right-handed corner and choose your role from the "I am..." drop-down menu.

What's the difference between FOLLOW button and the purple Connect button?

The FOLLOW button allows you to follow the person and receive their public Shouts. The Connect button allows you to follow the person AND becomes friends if they also connected with you.

How can I see more people in the Discovery Section?

When you select the Connect button or the Skip button, the current Profile Card will fly away and you will see another person’s Profile Card if one is available in your area.

How can I see learn more about other users?

You can swipe up and down on each person to see their profile photos, and you can click on their profile photo to bring up more details.

How can I choose who to see in the Discovery Section?

The expanded menu on the upper right-handed corner … allows you to choose to who you want to see, and you can change it at any time just like changing your role.

What does the color bar under the name shows me?

The color bar shows a variety of useful information at a quick glance, you can tell what role the user chose by the color and the small icon on the left side. You can also see the user’s level and the number of mutual friends on Shout Around.

What are the difference between Shout Around Local and Shout Around Global?

Shout Around Local display people in your area and Shout Around Global let you explore other people on this app around the world.


What does the QR scanner do?

The QR scanner can do many things, it allows you to add friends, follow people, enter giveaways, and redeem Shout Around Skins.

Alternatively, you can also use the [Load QR] function to scan QR code from a photo directly from your device’s album.

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I’m at a convention but when I try to check in, it’s telling me “There are currently no conventions in our area. Check back soon!”?

There are a few factors that can be causing that:

  1. You’re not close enough to a convention

  2. Your GPS is not turned on

  3. We don’t have that convention/event in our database

  4. You don’t have internet

If you think those factors do not apply to your check-in, then all you have to do is close the app completely and then try again after opening the app for 30 seconds.

What’s the difference between Follow QR and Add Friends QR?

Follow QR allows others to follow you and hear your public Shouts, and unlike Add Friends QR, it never changes so you can share it with your friends and fans.

Add Friends QR is our special QR that generate a new one EVERY time you click on it, so you can feel safe to give out to your friends to add you. Once your friend scans the QR code, you two will automatically become friends. To make it even safer, it expires after every use and expires after 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about everyone will able to add you if they got a hold of your Add Friends QR.

How can I earn badges?

You can earn convention badges by checking into convention, remember to check in daily to gain experience points and tokens.

You can also earn achievement badges by checking in and other activities, such as making new friends and following people on Shout Around.

How can I enter giveaways?

Our participating partners will have QR code for you to scan, once you scan the QR code and enter your information, you would automatically enter the giveaway.


How do I send a Shout?

You can click on the Shout button in the upper right-handed corner to start a Shout.

What’s the difference between a Friends Shout and a Public Shout?

Only your connected would able to see and receive your Friends Shout, but everyone can see your Public Shout.

I’m not able to send a Shout, how come?

You must have at least one friend to do a Friends Shout and at least one follower to do a Public Shout.


How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile photos, bio, and Instagram photos by clicking on the Edit Profile button on the Settings Section.

How can I delete my profile photos or Instagram photos?

You can move and delete your photos by doing a long press on the photos, you will able to see the photos start shaking with a red cross after the long press.

How can I view my profile photo the applied Skin?

Clicking on your profile picture on the Setting Section would show you how your beautiful Skin look with your profile photos.

How can I unfriend someone?

Once you are at a friend’s detail profile page, you can bring up the expanded menu by clicking on the three dots on the upper right-handed corner and choose unfriend.

How can I see friends, followers, and people that I follow?

You can click on “Friends”, “Followers”, and “Following” on the Settings Section to see the lists of people.

How can I earn more token?

You earn tokens by Skipping or Connecting with people in the Discovery Section, you also gain tokens when someone follows you. Alternatively, you can also purchase more Shout Around tokens by purchasing them through the Token Store.

How do I apply a Skin?

Applying a Skin is as simple as going to the Skin Library and click on a Skin that you own.

How can I get more Skins

You can exchange your coins for a new Skin.\

You earn coins by Skipping or Connecting with people in the Discovery Section, you also gain coins when someone follows you. Alternatively, you can also purchase more Shout Around Coins by purchasing them through the Coin Store.