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Shout Around Giveaway System

  • Convention attendees can enter giveaways by simply scanning a QR code, simple and easy for both attendees and vendors

    • No more needing provide and secure a computer or tablet

    • No more requiring entrants to keep track of giveaway tickets that can be easily lost or stolen

    • No more needing ANY booth staff in charge of the giveaways

      • QR code can be posted at the booth or given out by any booth staff

    • Attendees will more likely to enter giveaways with this system

  • Collect the same information as traditional giveaways but more benefits with our one-click export system

    • Detail analytics & metrics

    • Know when people are entering giveaways

      • A better understanding of booth activities correlation and ROI measurement

        • Extremely time efficient to export entrants' information to any existing mailing system and for future newsletters

  • Shout Around app provides detail information about the giveaway so fans will never miss out on coming back to the booth

  • An additional page with click-through link can be added to the giveaway, let attendees learn more about the company and its product

  • QR code can be digitally distributed via email campaign or can be posted on any social media platforms

  • Giveaway information can be updated at ANY time, the changes will directly reflect the updated information on the users' smartphones

  • Auto-generated random ticket number allows exhibitors to continue crowd hyping practice and pick winners with accuracy & ease

  • Attendees can always go back to past giveaways within the app and learn more about the company

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